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Net Worth

To better understand your financial situation, it’s important to know what you own and what you owe.

Prepaid Cards
Jewelry and Collectibles
Real Estate
Life Insurance
Cash Lent
Line of credit
Credit card
Taxes due

No Budgets

Budgets are like diets: they make for great new year resolutions. I don’t think checking your budget to see if you can have sprinkles on your ice-cream is a dignified way to live. Like any responsible adult, I aim to live within my means; I don't want the TSA in my wallet.That’s why there’s no budgeting on CashflowPredict. No tags, categories or buckets: money is fungible.

Recurrent Transactions

If you put all your money transactions together, a pattern emerges. Only a small part account for the bulk of your net worth. The majority of your transactions contribute very little. The higher value transactions occur far and wide, where the low-value ones are very frequent. Compare a house downpayment, a quarterly bonus, and your daily Latte.

CashflowPredict lets you set recurring income and expenses to capture the rhythm of your finances: a daily Starbucks coffee,bi-weekly salary, monthly subscriptions like Netflix, gym, etc., weekly rent, quarterly bonuses, the dentist every six months or the car registration every year.

With this information CashflowPredict can forecast the state of your accounts and alert you of upcoming transactions.

Upcoming Transactions

See what’s coming up in the immediate future at a glance, and see alerts before things get messy.

Data Entry

Manual: Enter transactions and adjustments via the web application.Import: Upload a CSV or OFX file obtained from your bank.

Data Portability

You can export all your data in TXT, CSV or JSON formats at any time.

Multiple Currencies

Track assets and transactions in any major currency. Your net worth is calculated using historical and current rates based on the main currency of your preference. Transactions have their own rate, set when it occurs.

Track (almost) everything

Cash, bank account, credit cards, stocks, stock options, stock participation plans, and foreign currency accounts. Salary, regular payments such as monthly subscriptions, quarterly bonuses, fixed-term investment payouts, yearly fees, kids allowances... you name it.

I'll never spam you or disclose your email.